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WE ARE STILL OPEN! The inside of the shop is CLOSED  but we're open for business through curbside pickup. You call 434-981-3139 upon arrival, order & can pay. We deliver to your vehicle.  Can you still buy a firearm? Absolutely!!! Firearm transactions forms can be filled out in the comfort of your vehicle. We can help you find a firearm from our current stock or special order. We also offer transfers for $40. Our website is another way to order. All orders can be picked at the store.
Since the inside of the store is closed and you can't do face to face orders, how can you communicate with us?
Three ways:
1. Call 434-981-3139 (Please leave a message if no answer)
2. Email us @
3. Facebook Messenger
Take care and stay safe,
The Big Iron Team!